Re-inventing the Symbol for Peace

Re-inventing the Symbol for Peace

Tired of the political confusions caused by the traditional “2 fingered” peace symbol, we decided to invent a new symbol for a new kind of peace. Each finger of the “3 fingered” peace symbol represents the 3 main pillars of the #CheerForPeace campaign: Social, Environmental & Economic peace.


: Social, environmental, economic €5-meal €7-plant a tree €10 do both

U of Alberta (CAN) Students send their #CheerForPeace

University of Alberta students travelling from Canada are in Curitiba to learn about soccer and the impacts of mega events and they strike a 3 fingered pose, in support of the #CheerForPeace campaign, here with ImpacTour founder Paloma Pinheiro and REI Curitiba founder Gabriela Diniz just before embarking on a scenic train ride to the coast of Parana, courtesy of Serra Verde Express

Universidade Positivo (BRA) Students send their #CheerForPeace

Students of Universidade Positivo strike a 3 fingered pose as they contribute during the pre-launch test of the #CheerForPeace #crowdfunding campaign at the International Innovative Cities Conference – CICI 2014 – Conferência Internacional de Cidades Inovadoras



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