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Rádio Geração Z : Tia Maria sobre a Semana da Paz

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“Celebrate your path to Peace”


There is an incredible energy in the school of Colégio Estadual Herbert De Souza em São José dos Pinhais, or SJP for short, the municipality next to Curitiba in the South of Brazil. Today, Wednesday, is the halfway point of the Semana da Paz (Week of Peace) and the feedback the #CheerForPeace team is getting from both staff and students is VERY positive. Today students have been painting a 20metre art mural celebrating all the themes and events of the week: Capoiera, theatre, clowns, video games, coding and programming, futPar (participative football), graffiti, painting, food garden, wormery, recycling, bike power, school radio…

The Janela do Futuro (window of the future) is nearly full with the ideas of students, this is a 3 metre wall in the canteen asking people to make suggestions about whatever problems might exist in the school and solutions to these problems. It also seeks whatever ideas people have in general, no matter how crazy they seem (a skate park for the school, a plastic free school, no uniform days….)

As one day leads into another, there are more and more kids running around with the white #CheerForPeace t shirts. These are the new group of students who have become “Peace Ambassadors”, this means that they have gone from just being normal students enjoying the events to activists who wish to work for peace. After the week they will be the ones the team will work with to carry on the work, during the week they help out in all the little jobs that have to be done like taking care of the Janela, registering fellow students for the events of the day and assisting the workshop leaders as the different events unfold.

One group doing great work deserve a very special mention;  Rádio Geração Z (Generation Z radio). They have been making interviews with people and every day, with the help of their teacher Lizandro, they braodcast a 20 minute live radio show which goes out over the speakers in the school. They also post videos or audio files to their facebook page, but they hope that after the week they can start to make podcasts to help facilitate this very special dialogue which is slowly unfolding.

Nobody knows where this week will lead to, but all here agree something very special is happening. Wouldnt it be great if every school in Brazil was buzzing with this kind of energy, creativity, fun and passion…

For updates, see our blog post:  #CheerForPeace Semana da Paz – SJP: Graficos, Fotos, Vids, Vines ETC…

#CheerForPeace Semana da Paz – SJP: Graficos, Fotos, Vids, Vines ETC…

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“Celebre seu caminho pela paz” – #CheerForPeace #TorcidaPelaPaz (Banner 6m x .75m)



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#CheerForPeace Semana da Paz – SJP

Semana da Paz #CheerForPeace o Colegio Estadual Herbert de Souza, na São José dos Pinhais. Nos dias 10 a 14 de novembro: Esta sera uma semana onde a comunidade escola vai “Celebrar o seu caminho pela paz” na escola Herbert de Souza. Teremos atividade no turno da manha e tarde. Venha fazer parte desta celebração colaborativa!

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Colaboradores: Code Club ParanáOpen Brazil – Code for BrazilRádio Geração ZessênciaThiago ThipanSamuel Leocadio CostaSemear – Empresa Júnior de AgronomiaInstituto Energia HumanaCiaNove


#CheerForPeaceEXPO videos

For 3 weeks the #CheerForPeaceEXPO happened at IBQP, the iCities node of Curitba, Brazil. During the first 2 weeks we created a dynamic side to the expo, building on the “windows of the future” section that was created, exploring problems and solutions to the things we investigated over the previous few months. What followed was a series of discussions with many people in many parts of the world, in different languages. The discussions happened both in our expo space / studio and also over skype. We broadcast the discussions live over the net TV channel we created on Bambuser. Later all the videos were uploaded to our CheerForPeace youtube channel and now here are all the videos together. The broadcast recordings happened over 9 days, by the end of day 7 we hit 2oo views on our channel, by the end of friday 15th, day 10 we were over 600.




8:30: Rafael Gomes – eco agriculture, Curitiba

11:00: Learning from Sweden’s eco districts, Mitchell Reardon, Stockholm

14:00: Permaculture projects from Ireland and Palestine, Davie Philip, Alice Grey and Jillian Hovey.

16:00: Ricart Alvarez, Plan Energia Participatiu San Marti, (Participative Energy Plan), Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

More details and infos to follow…



4a cronograma “Windows of the Future”

 8:30 Defesa Pessoal Feminina
Aula com Professor B.A do projeto MMA sem fronteiras

9:30 Conversa com a REI
Gabriela Diniz:  empreendedora social e parte do movimento

12:30 VID: Homage to Catalonia II
Constructing sustainable, solidarity decentralized economic system

15:00 VID: Sustainable Development Society,
Maximo Cirio:  Edinburgh, UK

15:30 VID: NEJ
Mylena Palazzo Nunes : Curitiba

16:00 VID: Sociedade Global
Diego Baptiesta: Curitiba

16:30 VID: StartUps 
André Atila: Curitiba



#CheerForPeaceEXPO Day 7: INNOVATION

innovation cwb

Watch all talks live via our NET TV channel on Bambuser:

When recordings available we will add them later here.


17 – Andre Telles, IBQP – Brazil smart cities / iCities node

14h – Bob Huybechets – CO – OP

9.30 – Live meeting with Zezinho from Rocinha (link:

8.30 – TED talk: – Upgrade Your Slum: Fabienne Hoelzel


#CheerForPeaceEXPO Day 6: ART – Lessons from Los Angeles and Milan

Today at 16h we will have a VERY SPECIAL talk, in 2 parts.

Firstly, Carla Sguario talking about the internet is changing the way contemporary art galleries are forming networks and reaching a wider community. Carla is based in Milan, Italy.

Then, Giò Sguario will talk about the water problem in Los Angeles and how the city defines a way that architects and designers must use less water for their projects.
Giò is the commitee chair of ASID (American society of interior design)

The talk will be broadcast live on the #CheerForPeaceEXPO NET TV channel on Bambuser. The archive video will be made available after.


#CheerForPeaceEXPO – day 5; ART – Artistic spaces and processes for social change

As part of the #CheerForPeaceEXPO exhibiton in Curitiba, Brazil. A short presentation at 5pm of films about different artistic projects in Ireland, Spain, France, Italy…

The talk will be broadcast live on the #CheerForPeaceEXPO NET TV channel on Bambuser. The archive video will be made available after.

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