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The #CheerForPeace campaign is all about sharing the joy and excitement of the World Cup with those in Brazil who live on the margins and of course to reduce some of the environmental impacts of the travel and event itself.

If you are heading for Brazil, or otherwise participating in the World Cup (including watching it on television), please spread the word about this campaign to help make the World Cup an even better experience for everybody.

Those participating can chose their own level of financial contributions to:

● Plant trees in the devastated Atlantic Rainforest through SOS Mata Atlântica, the conservation NGO. The trees planted will be monitored for 5 years and certified for optimal survival rates.

● Donate meals donated to Brazilian communities in need

● Provide jerseys & football kits provided for underprivileged Brazilian youth

The CheerForPeace campaign is now in the final 30 day countdown to the . Are you a conscious fan? Contribute & Gain on Indiegogo!

IT’S TRUE: Mega-Events Impact the Earth & Our Communities in a BIG Way!

DID YOU KNOW? World Cup 2010 in South Africa had the biggest carbon footprint so far of any event in history!

EVEN WORSE: Air Travel Across Brazil will Double 2014 World Cup carbon emissions compared to 2010!

CONSIDER THIS: With millions of people traveling to and around Brazil for the World Cup, what’s the impacts on marginalized communities?

Together, We Create Positive Change!

With a small contribution, one fan at a time,

We CAN make a BIG difference!

Canadian students collect soccer kits for donation in needy communities.

PEACE, Redefined!


Let’s make sure, that the planet & the “Rest of Brazil” benefit too!

Checkout the awesome perk packages including incentives to get caring individuals like yourself involved in making mega-events like this World Cup greener & more socially equitable while being rewarded in a
way that feels just awesome!

Let’s turn THAT

……………………………into THIS

Feel GREAT Giving Today:

It’s the New Way to Reward Yourself!

Each of the perk packages offered creates positive impact in a meaningful way while focusing on the basic pillars of the campaign:

  • Trees planted by SOS Mata Atlantica, an NGO that plants them in the devastated Atlantic Rainforest, they are monitored for 5 years and certified for optimal survival rates.
  • Meals donated to Brazilian communities in need
  • Jerseys & football kits provided for underprivileged Brazilian youth

Checkout the Awesome Perks

Select 1 now or ask us to create a Special Package Just for You!

Got a question, suggestion or idea about the perks or the campaign?
Don’t see the perk or package that would be ideal for you?
Please don’t hesitate to ask us now via this page or email us.
We are available all day to help you co-create perk packages with us!

LIMITED Ed. #CheerForPeace Brasil 14 Jersey

The Stylish Fan Jersey that Just Means A Whole Lot More is Made in Brazil
from Recycled Materials. Your Choice to Donate it or Rock it Yourself!

Prefer to wear the colors of your country while still showing your love?

Boy do we have a challenge for you:

  • Get 20 fans supporting your team to pick-up a perk package that includes a jersey for you & you’ve got it: CUSTOMIZED jerseys in your team’s colors!
  • Make sure you share your contribution with others fans so they join you.
  • Wondering how it works in your unique situation? Talk to us now!

The E-Book Campaign

JABUJICABA (website)

A Novel Campaign
Inspiring action for Brazil’s rainforest & its wildlife, Jabujicaba is about immersing yourself in the novel, falling in love with the rainforest, and engaging in action to help save it. A portion of the proceeds from the e-book go to the World Land Trust towards forest conservation.



Your contribution goes directly to support the perks provided in each package and all additional proceeds go towards the following:

  • IndieGoGo platform fees: 10% if we we don’t reach our goal & 5% if we do (this is why it’s important to help reach the campaign target!)
  • Payment processing fees: 3-5% go to CreditCard & Paypal processing
The rest are directed towards an account that distributes the funds, based on your selected perks, to one or more of the following entities:
  • Planting trees via the NGO SOS Mata Atlantica
  • Providing meals in needy communities (a couple of NGOs are at the table, we’re waiting to confirm a reliable one & will make sure to update you)
  • Shirt makers & printers (various Brazilian companies)
  • Purchasing the Jabujicaba e-books (website) where the royalties go to
  • We are a lean team & are not withdrawing any profits or wages
  • Any additional funds will be re-directed towards strengthening the movement & its ability to deliver even more meaningful ongoing campaigns leading towards other mega-events like the Olympics games in 2016 & future World Cups too!
  • Football For Kids foundation does NOT receive cash. The initiative is only involved in the collection & distribution of kit donations. Sponsors are welcome to discuss opportunities for partnership.



1) Football For Kids Foundation
Initiative started by people like you & I who believe in a more fair society.

  • The mission is to spread the massive wealth generated via soccer so that even the least privileged can enjoy the benefits of the world’s favorite game too!
  • Since 2009, the initiative has collected and distributed thousands of donated football kits in developing communities across Brazil

2) Trilhas (EJ Turismo UFPR)
Student-led Jr. Enterprise of Tourism at the Federal University of Parana
Trilhas Website Here

  • Leading group on behalf of the student enterprise movement across Brazil
  • The primary goal is to provide much needed real-world experience for these students (checkout the Heroic Perk packages with students for hire)
  • A part of the funds will be re-directed towards the development of a more effective Jr Enterprise movement so even more students have the privilege

3) YOU!
As a co-created movement, individuals like yourself are key to the success!

  • Contribute your critique by telling us what & how to improve,
  • Get involved in the continuous recreation of the ongoing campaign
  • Share with your friends & organizations who should get involved too!

Want to get involved in a deeper way?
We’re always looking for awesome campaigners to join the team!


Brand New Customized Game Jerseys for Rocinha’s Football Team donated by traveling students from Fanshawe College, Canada, in Rio de Janeiro during February, 2014

Your Contribution Doesn’t Stop Here!

Although your support goes a long way, we still depend on caring individuals like you to get more supporters coming on board.

Questions or Concerns?

Got a question, suggestion or idea about the perks or the campaign? What about the distribution of your contribution? You have every right to know!
Just ask us! We are available all day to help you make the right decision.

Thanks for Being Supremely Awesome!

Thanks so much for backing the campaign that looks to make this
World Cup the greenest and fairest in the history of the game.
Consider yourself a co-creator of a much bigger initiative that we build
together going forward! Join now & put your name on #CheerForPeace

Find This Campaign On

READ MORE… On our INDIGOGO campaign page.






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