8:30: Rafael Gomes – eco agriculture, Curitiba

11:00: Learning from Sweden’s eco districts, Mitchell Reardon, Stockholm

14:00: Permaculture projects from Ireland and Palestine, Davie Philip, Alice Grey and Jillian Hovey.

16:00: Ricart Alvarez, Plan Energia Participatiu San Marti, (Participative Energy Plan), Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

More details and infos to follow…

NET TV: http://bambuser.com/channel/CheerForPeace
INFOS: https://cheerforpeace.wordpress.com/expo/
YOUTUBE: http://tinyurl.com/p4ryclg



  1. Today, Friday 15 august, at 9.15am we have had 519 views on our NET TV channel http://bambuser.com/channel/CheerForPeace

    Our broadcasts:

    3pm (Curitiba time) LIVE FROM BARCELONA: Ricard Alvares with Transition Movement & Permacultura in Resilient Communities (MISTO: Portugues, English, Castalhana)

    2pm (Curitiba Time) LIVE FROM IRELAND: TRANSITION TOWNS: Irish ecovillages & communities with Davie Philips & Jilian of the Transition Movement – topic: Permaculture & Resilient Communities

    Irish eco communities – videos of Davie Philips projects, he talks at 14h Curitiba time

    11AM (Curitiba time) LIVE FROM STOKHOLM: Learning from Sweden’s “Eco Districts” with Mitchell Reardon

    VIDEOs related to the topic of Permaculture

    8:30: Rafael Gomes – ecological gardening, Curitiba

    ***** Some more videos shared today

    The Power Down Show Video on Transition & Energy Descent

    CloughJordan Community Video: November Rain

    William McDonough: Cradle to cradle design + creating eco cities in China

    My Town in Transition: Rob Hopkins at TEDxExeter

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