4a cronograma “Windows of the Future”

 8:30 Defesa Pessoal Feminina
Aula com Professor B.A do projeto MMA sem fronteiras

9:30 Conversa com a REI
Gabriela Diniz:  empreendedora social e parte do movimento

12:30 VID: Homage to Catalonia II
Constructing sustainable, solidarity decentralized economic system

15:00 VID: Sustainable Development Society,
Maximo Cirio:  Edinburgh, UK

15:30 VID: NEJ
Mylena Palazzo Nunes : Curitiba

16:00 VID: Sociedade Global
Diego Baptiesta: Curitiba

16:30 VID: StartUps 
André Atila: Curitiba

INFOS: https://cheerforpeace.wordpress.com/expo/
+ https://cheerforpeace.wordpress.com/2014/08/13/cheerforpeaceexpo-dia-8-social-entrepreneurship/
NET TV: http://bambuser.com/channel/CheerForPeace
YOUTUBE: http://tinyurl.com/p4ryclg


Maximo Cirio:

Born in Argentina and raised in Uruguay, moved to study at The University of Edinburgh were he specializes in Sustainable Development and Economics. At Edinburgh he founded the Sustainable Development Society, where he has recently been re-elected President. This year the University of Edinburgh recognized Maximo with the Edinburgh Award on Global Citizenship. Despite living in the UK, Maximo kept building his Latin American networks and continues being an active participant at Fundacion ECOS and Fundacion St Clares in Uruguay. And this year joined the CheerForPeace Team based in Brazil and the Global Youth Biodiversity Network

Homage to Catalonia II

A documentary, a research, a story of stories about the construction of a sustainable, solidary economics and decentralized. Weaving nets that overcome the individualization and the hierarchical division of the work. Thousands of persons every day all over the world. Here and now.


INFO – http://www.homenatgeacatalunyaii.org/en
+ http://permaculture.tv/homage-to-catalonia-ii/


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