#CheerForPeaceEXPO Day 7: INNOVATION

innovation cwb

Watch all talks live via our NET TV channel on Bambuser: http://bambuser.com/channel/CheerForPeace

When recordings available we will add them later here.


17 – Andre Telles, IBQP – Brazil smart cities / iCities node

14h – Bob Huybechets – CO – OP

9.30 – Live meeting with Zezinho from Rocinha (link:

8.30 – TED talk: – Upgrade Your Slum: Fabienne Hoelzel





  1. Day 7 – live stream broadcasts on NET TV, via bambuser (youtube vids up ASAP)

    1 – Fabienne Hoelzel- Upgrade Your Slum #CheerForPeaceEXPO Day 7: INNOVATION

    2 – Zezinho from Spin Rocinha- #CheerForPeaceEXPO Day 7: INNOVATION
    http://bambuser.com/v/4846353 (lots of tek problems here, full talk will be up on audio soon too)

    3 – Bob Huybrechts from Inventors Circle in Toronto “Innovative businesses models to generate business”

  2. We put this film on at 13h today in IBQP

    Seeing as today is innovation, we have given over the screen to MISTER INNOVATION… Buckminster Fuller, an absolute legend, a creative, unique, passionate problem solver.. Here is the doc we are showing: Buckminster Fuller – Thinking Out Loud (1996)

  3. http://www.greenmyfavela.org/

    Green My Favela (GMF) is an environmental remediation project primarily located in the favelas (informal settlement or slum community) Rocinha and Manguinhos, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. GMF was formed to reclaim degraded land and to create more productive green spaces in Rocinha, and later expanded to include other communities. GMF works with favela residents to green what we can through collaborations with individuals, families, NGOs, schools, and the government. We partner with the private and public sector and social innovators to remediate neglected and abused land; to cultivate food security; to make more productive, environmentally responsible, and desirable public space; to problem solve for critical needs; and to skill share with a wide range of participants.

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