Rocinha photoreport

A selection of photographs from the second #Cheerforpeace event that we had in the favela of Rocinha in Rio, July 12

Who knows how many people here? some say somewhere about 1/4 to 1/2 a million people, amazing place, amazing people.

The bridge at the entrance to Rocinha

Paloma, Anrea, Igor, Nima… all making the 3 fingered cheerforpeace pose, works both ways round

The lads from Rocinha give the gringos a hand with the luggage… lots of jerseys and balls.

Best foot pitch with a view?

Andre, Paloma, Nima and the girls promoting womens rights with DISCOVERFOOTBALL.DE

The Rocinha girls team

discover football tournament about to kick off, Rocinha came 2nd, Cidade de deus (city of god, like the film) won

The favela footy teams album

favela footy teams album – rocinha girls team

An urban farm in rocinha, chickens plants and a bamboo pole to allow the monkeys to come and eat too

downtown rocinha

Zozinho preparing his bands in the DJ studio
Zozinho, aka Favelado Do Sucesso… the man who loves his home: Rocinha.
preparing his bands in the DJ studio.
room with a view
small gardens appearing in the labyrinthine streets of rocinha
open sewers still exist in rocinha… This should be cleaned up — in Rocinha.
#CheerForPeace founders Nima and Paloma in the backstreets of Rocinha
Another small garden in the side streets of rocinha
travessa liberdade – freedom passageway
health comes from cleaning
tempo de mutirao – time for “meitheal”mutirao

meitheal is an irish gaelic word, it sums up community collecive work effort, more or less, in english there is not a one word equivalent (peraps says something about both culture and language…)

Eu amo Rocinha
Breakfast – acai, granola, banana… YYYUUUMMMMM



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