#CheerForPeace Give & Game – Vila Torres

Our 1st GIVE & GAME to take place in Curitiba’s Vila Torres community on June 15th. For details, please enter our Facebook event page.

vila torres evnt j15

You’re all welcome to join. If you cannot, thanks the same for your support in making all of this happen. Rest assured that this community & the many others you’re supporting, will benefit appropriately & responsibly.

Vila Torres is a community located 3 km away from Arena de Baixada, the Curitiba World Cup stadium. Here’s a video about the community & its challenges here. It’s in Portuguese & we are filming a new version or translating this one for those of you who don’t understand it. The visuals tell some of the story so enjoy anyway!

Give & Game soccer games are awesome safe & fun social inclusion events that #CheerForPeace will be promoting around Brazil. Would you like to join us & maybe can’t make it in person? Go on our #crowdfunding page and select your favorite perk package to make your presence count!

&/OR if you’re coming yourself, you still have the above option +:

Bring some food & soccer stuff to donate:

1) Food must be non-perishable items only please

2) Soccer gear includes Jerseys, Shoes, Balls etc (can be used or new but in good condition please)

3) A BIG SMILE always helps!

Get ready to make sure that #everybodyplays the #worldsfavoritegame!



  1. Vila Torres, down by the river

    The community of Vila Torres spans both banks of the main river of the city, Rio Belem. Much of the river has been covered over now and sadly it is quite dirty, but there is a nice bikeway up by the Polish park and it is the water source for the water in Curitibas first public space; Paseo Publico.

    Some months back there were a series of urban explorations in the city, as part of Janes Walks and 72HUA (Hour Urban Action), one of those was a tour around the banks of the river and through the neighbourhood of Vila Torres. The tour was led by local artist and social activist Newton Goto. In Vila Torres we visited the local “Punto Verde” (green point), to learn about the communities recycling facility and how it helps local economies. We then visited the shop of a man, whose name now escapes me, who has set up a local community centre / library / museum / public park / info point.. at a crossroads outside his shop. In the shop the walls are covered with fotos from over the years, outside the DIY benches and garden are a credit to those that made, use and love the space.

    A bridge divides the community from downstream, where one of the cities universities is located; PUC. There have been many interesting projects between different faculties of the university, especially the architecture school and the “SincroniCidade” project (word play on that lovely word Synchronicity and “Cidade” the Portuguese word for City). They are still doing projects and investigations, you can follow them on their FB page.

    Related infos:

    Gazeta Do Povo article: Um artista na minha aldeia http://tinyurl.com/ohqrksk
    Janes Walks Curitba @ Rio Belem: http://tinyurl.com/navk3ay
    Sincronicidade – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sincronicidade/189439911236561
    Sincronicidade + PUC http://www.pucpr.br/noticia.php?ref=1&id=2013-08-12_46389
    Vila Torres on FB https://www.facebook.com/VilaTorresCuritiba

  2. A ODPH, organizacao sem fins lucrativos, atua com foco nas mudanças sociais, realizando atividades diretamente com os cidadãos e eventos que promovam a inclusão social.

    Amanha teremos um encontro com eles para organizar os ultimos detalhes do Give & Game no dia 10 de junho, fique ligado que logo logo mais novidades serão postadas!


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